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Relax. Unwind. Reconnect. Restore.

Meet Shirley Itani- Licensed Massage Therapist

Shirley works with the whole person: mind, body and spirit. She does this by combining her in-depth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and body systems with her intuition, empathy and experience.

She specializes in helping relieve muscular dysfunction and imbalance that has come from stress, injury or overuse. She likes to teach and involve her clients in their own healing and path to wellness.


Meet Michelle Jobe – Licensed Massage Therapist

Michelle  is a licenced massage therapist, an energy healer trained in Reiki and Reconnective Healing as well as a Nutrition, Life and Wellness Coach.

Over the past 10 years, she has educated herself in health, wellness and holistic forms of healing. Michelle has a pure passion for holistic, natural approaches to life and is motivated to help others create health and wellness through a balance of mind, body and spirit.


Here at Boise Downtown Wellness we offer a variety of relaxing and restorative massage treatments that are perfect for soothing sore muscles, relieving tension, and reducing stress. Treat yourself to a session with one of our highly trained therapists who offer specialized treatments depending on your body’s needs.

Release tension from your mind, body, and spirit, and indulge in the simple yet rewarding pleasure of massage, which will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated like never before.

Did you know that receiving massage on a regular basis can reduce trigger points in the body that are linked to anxiety, tension, and depression? It also reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels, and is known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels which boost your mood.

Our skilled practitioners will ask you specific questions to discover your pain points and offer you the perfect treatment for your needs.

Whether you are looking to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, or just relax, you can be sure to find an option that will best suit you.

Come experience the best of what Boise Downtown Wellness has to offer and book your appointment today!